How to Solve McAfee Error 12152 – Windows activate 25 digit key – McAfee active is one of the best antivirus companies in the market that helps users in many ways and it provides complete help and support for system security issues that they use.

Sometimes users may face an issue of McAfee Error 12152 in Windows which can cause problems in antivirus and will also affect the functioning of the system. It is very important for users to get solutions to these issues so that they can get a quick solution to the problem.

To help the users of for complete resolution of the issues, we have provided some steps in this blog which will help them in this process and also allow them to carry out the activity easily. You will find steps to resolve McAfee antivirus error 12152 or 7305.

Symptoms of McAfee Error 12152

This is affected by antivirus error 12152, we have provided some symptoms of the error.

  1. The active program window has crashed.
  2. The computer is constantly working slowly.
  3. The computer may shut down.
  4. The computer shows a backup filter error.

Steps to resolve McAfee Error 12152 in Windows

  • To begin with the process, you must repair the registry related to McAfee code 12152 in your system.
  • Now, you have to scan the entire computer on your PC to check if the system is affected by some kind of virus or malware.
  • After that, you have to clean all the junk with Disk Clean Up
  • Once done, you will need to update the device driver in your system
  • Now, you need to bring your computer to the default settings
  • As you are doing with the above steps, you have to reinstall www mcafee com active antivirus program to give it a new.
  • Finally, you should try to run the window system file checker.


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